Nationally Aligned
Internationally Acceptable

International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) is aligned to meet or exceed the standards of all major education systems making it the most internationally accepted ECE curriculum in the world.

From Singapore Math to UK Literacy, the IPC has had to meet some of the most stringent standards to be truly international. 

Developed by a team of doctorate academics, the IPC is the world’s first international  ECE curriculum.  It is also the only ECE curriculum that meets several national standards.

From EYFS to


Content Learning Areas

38 Subjects

51 Thematic Units

1000+ Educational Resources

Based on Academic Research

Academically researched and peer-reviewed before being drafted by our doctoral team of education experts.

Our curriculum is a living document undergoing review and relevancy updates quarterly to reflect international best practices.

Infant & Toddler

A daily curriculum with sufficient developmentally appropriate activities for a standard academic year. Each activity includes a “Rationale” to assist facilitators in gaining a holistic view of the activity’s significance and provide them with confidence to plan lessons of their own.

36 Weekly Thematic Units

6 Content Learning Areas

59 Developmental Milestones

L1 - L3 PreK to K

Designed for children aged 3-5, the L1-L3 curriculum offers a developmentally appropriate program with cumulative assessment options.

The emergent literacy component refers to a library of 100 children’s classics while thousands of professionally designed learning aides support learning environments that submerse learners with imagery, color and play.

The curriculum is aligned with several national standards including UK, US and Singapore. Upon completion, students are prepared for primary education in most national and international settings.

UK EYFS Curriculum

Launched in August 2019, the IPC’s EYFS curriculum follows the 2017 statutory guidelines and 2019 Assessment & Reporting Arrangements. The IPC’s curriculum provides facilitators with detailed lesson plans, family involvement guidance and pathways for assessment.